A library for signal logging.
signal_logger_std::traits::sls_traits< Eigen::Vector3d, ContainerType_ > Struct Template Reference

#include <signal_logger_std_traits.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static void writeLogElementToStreams (std::stringstream *text, std::stringstream *binary, signal_logger::LogFileType fileType, const signal_logger::Buffer< ContainerType_ > &buffer, const std::string &name, const std::size_t divider, const unsigned int startDiff, const unsigned int endDiff, const std::function< const Eigen::Vector3d *(const ContainerType_ *const)> &accessor=[](const ContainerType_ *const v) { return v;})

Member Function Documentation

◆ writeLogElementToStreams()

template<typename ContainerType_ >
static void signal_logger_std::traits::sls_traits< Eigen::Vector3d, ContainerType_ >::writeLogElementToStreams ( std::stringstream *  text,
std::stringstream *  binary,
signal_logger::LogFileType  fileType,
const signal_logger::Buffer< ContainerType_ > &  buffer,
const std::string &  name,
const std::size_t  divider,
const unsigned int  startDiff,
const unsigned int  endDiff,
const std::function< const Eigen::Vector3d *(const ContainerType_ *const)> &  accessor = [](const ContainerType_ * const v) { return v; } 

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