A library for signal logging.
signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions Struct Reference

Struct containing logger options. More...

#include <SignalLoggerOptions.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SignalLoggerOptions (const unsigned int updateFrequency, const double maxLoggingTime, std::string collectScriptFileName, std::string loggerPrefix, std::string loggerName)
 SignalLoggerOptions ()
 Default Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

unsigned int updateFrequency_
 Rate at which collectLoggerData() is called. More...
double maxLoggingTime_
 Maximal log time for fixed size time buffer. More...
std::string collectScriptFileName_
 Collected data script filename. More...
std::string loggerPrefix_
 Logger prefix. More...
std::string loggerName_
 Logger name. More...

Detailed Description

Struct containing logger options.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SignalLoggerOptions() [1/2]

signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::SignalLoggerOptions ( const unsigned int  updateFrequency,
const double  maxLoggingTime,
std::string  collectScriptFileName,
std::string  loggerPrefix,
std::string  loggerName 


updateFrequencyFrequency at which collectLoggerData() is called. (default: 0u)
maxLoggingTimeMaximal log time for fixed size time buffer. If set to 0.0 expontentially growing time buffer is used. (default: LOGGER_DEFAULT_MAXIMUM_LOG_TIME)
collectScriptFileNameFile name of the data collection yaml script. Format is specified in the documentation (default: LOGGER_DEFAULT_SCRIPT_FILENAME)
loggerPrefixPrefix of the logger element names. (e.g. /log in /log/elementA) (default: LOGGER_DEFAULT_PREFIX)
loggerPrefixLogger name for files etc.

◆ SignalLoggerOptions() [2/2]

signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::SignalLoggerOptions ( )

Default Constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ collectScriptFileName_

std::string signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::collectScriptFileName_

Collected data script filename.

◆ loggerName_

std::string signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::loggerName_

Logger name.

◆ loggerPrefix_

std::string signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::loggerPrefix_

Logger prefix.

◆ maxLoggingTime_

double signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::maxLoggingTime_

Maximal log time for fixed size time buffer.

◆ updateFrequency_

unsigned int signal_logger::SignalLoggerOptions::updateFrequency_

Rate at which collectLoggerData() is called.

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