A library for signal logging.

Signal Logger

This library provides a logging tool for various data types. Following features were implemented:

  • Collect data in a configurable ring buffer
  • Collect different data at different frequencies
  • Log primitive types, Eigen types and Kindr Types
  • Save the logged data to a log file (parallel)
  • Save/Load the logger configuration to/from a .yaml file

Furthermore a ROS implementation is available, that additionally features:

  • Save the logged data to a bag file (parallel)
  • Publishing the collected data over ROS topics (parallel)
  • Rqt Plugin to configure the logger

Source Code

The source code is available at


This library is Free Software and is licensed under BSD 3-Clause.


Involved people:

  • Gabriel Hottiger
  • Christian Gehring
  • C. Dario Bellicoso

Contact: Christian Gehring (gehrinch ( at )