Robot Controller Manager

Rocoma - Robot Controller Manager

This library provides a controller manager that coordinates the execution of multiple roco controllers.
Following features were implemented:

  • Safe, two-layered, emergency stop procedure
  • Switching between different roco controllers
  • Multi-threaded features that allow high controller frequencies

Furthermore a ROS implementation is available, that features:

  • Run-time controller loading using the ROS pluginlib
  • Emergency stop, controller switching via service call
  • Notify other nodes of an emergency stop

More detailed information can be found here.

Source Code

The source code is available at

Example Code

A simple example of a controller manager implementation can be found at


This library is Free Software and is licensed under BSD 3-Clause.


Involved people:

  • Gabriel Hottiger
  • Christian Gehring
  • C. Dario Bellicoso

Contact: Christian Gehring (gehrinch ( at )