A library that handles parameters at runtime.
Extend the parameter handler with additional types

Add a new type to the parameter handler

  • Add traits for your new type to ParameterValueTraits.hpp
    NOTE: Even though min/max values are defined, they don't have to be used in the traits.
    E.g. Strings could have min=max="" the value would not be checked against it.
  • Add a new services to ParameterHandlerRos.hpp that allow setting/getting of the parameter type
  • Add these services in the rqt_plugin and define your custom visualization type, deriving from ParameterBase.hpp

Add a new Eigen Matrix type to the parameter handler

The parameter handler basically supports all Eigen matrix types. However, if you want to use matrices in the rqt_gui or publish them over the ParameterHandlerRos, you have to add the matrix type to type_macros.hpp. Only the matrix types of supported scalar types can be added!