A library that handles parameters at runtime.
Getting started

This is a very short guide on how to get started with this library.


This library is written extensively using C++11.

  • GCC 4.7 is required at the minimum.
  • catkin is used to build the library


The core and std library of the parameter handler are non ROS dependent. And only require the following dependencies:

The ros parameter handler requires these additional dependencies:

The ros rqt_gui plugin needs these two additional dependencies:


Build the Library with Catkin

Build parameter_handler with catkin:

1 cd ~/catkin_ws/src
2 git clone
3 catkin_make

or with catkin command line tools:

1 cd ~/catkin_ws/src
2 git clone
3 catkin build parameter_handler

For additionally building the rqt_parameter_handler:

1 catkin build rqt_parameter_handler

Build this Documentation

Doxygen needs to be installed to create this documentation.

1 cd ~/catkin_ws
2 catkin build parameter_handler_doc

The doxygen documentation can be found here: doc/doxygen/doc/html/index.html

How to Continue

How-To use this library.