A library that generates velocity references to follow a path.
std_utils::ctk_concatenate< Enum_, Keys1_, Keys2_ > Struct Template Reference

Default implementation of map concatenation. More...

#include <CompileTimeKeys.hpp>

Public Types

using type = CompileTimeKeys< Enum_ >
 IDE helper type. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename Enum_, typename Keys1_, typename Keys2_>
struct std_utils::ctk_concatenate< Enum_, Keys1_, Keys2_ >

Default implementation of map concatenation.

In the following some useful helper traits to modify keys are provided.

IDE Support: To make it easier for the IDE's to deduce the type of the output keys, we always pass the type Enum_ to these traits as a template parameter. It could also be auto-deduced. Furthermore in the default implementation of the traits we add a 'type' typedef that defines default (empty) keys.

Compiler Output: To increase compiler output quality slightly, static_asserts are added in the default implementation of the traits. They will always fail, since the default implementation is not valid. Still compiler outputs are hard to read for CompileTimeMaps.

Template Parameters
Enum_Enum type of the keys
Keys1_First Keys
Keys2_Second Keys

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ type

template<typename Enum_ , typename Keys1_ , typename Keys2_ >
using std_utils::ctk_concatenate< Enum_, Keys1_, Keys2_ >::type = CompileTimeKeys<Enum_>

IDE helper type.

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