A library that generates velocity references to follow a path.
message_logger::color Namespace Reference


const std::string black {"\033[0;30m"}
const std::string red {"\033[0;31m"}
const std::string green {"\033[0;32m"}
const std::string yellow {"\033[0;33m"}
const std::string blue {"\033[0;34m"}
const std::string magenta {"\033[0;35m"}
const std::string cyan {"\033[0;36m"}
const std::string white {"\033[0;37m"}
const std::string def {"\033[0m"}

Variable Documentation

◆ black

const std::string message_logger::color::black {"\033[0;30m"}

◆ blue

const std::string message_logger::color::blue {"\033[0;34m"}

◆ cyan

const std::string message_logger::color::cyan {"\033[0;36m"}

◆ def

const std::string message_logger::color::def {"\033[0m"}

◆ green

const std::string message_logger::color::green {"\033[0;32m"}

◆ magenta

const std::string message_logger::color::magenta {"\033[0;35m"}

◆ red

const std::string message_logger::color::red {"\033[0;31m"}

◆ white

const std::string message_logger::color::white {"\033[0;37m"}

◆ yellow

const std::string message_logger::color::yellow {"\033[0;33m"}