A library that generates velocity references to follow a path.
local_guidance_path_manager Namespace Reference

Common variables and functions for package local_guidance_path_manager. More...


class  LocalGuidancePathManager
class  SubPathsManager
class  TraversabilityManager


using PathType = navigation_common::PathLocalGuidance
using PathTypePtr = std::unique_ptr< PathType >
using PoseStampedType = navigation_common::PoseStamped
using PoseStampedTypePtr = std::shared_ptr< navigation_common::PoseStamped >
using SubPathsManagerPtr = std::unique_ptr< SubPathsManager >
using TraversabilityManagerPtr = std::unique_ptr< TraversabilityManager >
using TraversabilityManagerState = TraversabilityManager::State


navigation_msgs::PoseStamped rosPoseStampedToNavigationPoseStampedMsg (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &msg)
bool addPoseToPathEnd (const navigation_common::PoseStamped &pose, const std::string &localGuidanceMode, const bool &passThroughGoal, PathType *path)


static const ros::Duration kTimeoutServerClientWaitForExistence = ros::Duration(2.0)
static const double kRateThrottledWarnMessages = 0.5

Detailed Description

Common variables and functions for package local_guidance_path_manager.

Implementation of a Traversability Manager, to check whether a (sub)path is traversable.

Implementation of a SubPath Manager. This class is NOT tread safe.

Implementation of a Path Manager in charge of converting a global path in local sub-paths.

Marco Tranzatto RSL

Typedef Documentation

◆ PathType

◆ PathTypePtr

using local_guidance_path_manager::PathTypePtr = typedef std::unique_ptr<PathType>

◆ PoseStampedType

◆ PoseStampedTypePtr

◆ SubPathsManagerPtr

◆ TraversabilityManagerPtr

◆ TraversabilityManagerState

Function Documentation

◆ addPoseToPathEnd()

bool local_guidance_path_manager::addPoseToPathEnd ( const navigation_common::PoseStamped pose,
const std::string &  localGuidanceMode,
const bool &  passThroughGoal,
PathType path 

Creates a new segment with the specified goal, mode, and pass_through option and adds it to the end of the given path.

[in]posepose to use as goal of the new segment to create.
[in]localGuidanceModelocal guidance mode of the new segment.
[in]passThroughGoalpass_through option of the new segment.

◆ rosPoseStampedToNavigationPoseStampedMsg()

navigation_msgs::PoseStamped local_guidance_path_manager::rosPoseStampedToNavigationPoseStampedMsg ( const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &  msg)

Converts ros geometry_msgs::PoseStamped to navigation_msgs::PoseStamped.

Variable Documentation

◆ kRateThrottledWarnMessages

const double local_guidance_path_manager::kRateThrottledWarnMessages = 0.5

◆ kTimeoutServerClientWaitForExistence

const ros::Duration local_guidance_path_manager::kTimeoutServerClientWaitForExistence = ros::Duration(2.0)