A library that generates velocity references to follow a path.
robot_utils::catmull_rom::TrajectoryEigen3D Class Reference

#include <CatmullRomSpline.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 TrajectoryEigen3D ()
 TrajectoryEigen3D (const TrajectoryEigen3D &)=default
virtual ~TrajectoryEigen3D ()
void saveCatmullRomToFile (int nPoints, std::string filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d >
 CatmullRomSpline (void)
 CatmullRomSpline (CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d > &other)
 CatmullRomSpline (const CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d > &other)
CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d > & operator= (const CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d > &other)
virtual ~CatmullRomSpline (void)
Eigen::Vector3d evaluate_linear (double t)
void evaluate_catmull_rom_traj (const int nPoints, std::vector< double > &tArray, std::vector< Eigen::Vector3d > &valArray)
Eigen::Vector3d evaluate (double t)
Eigen::Vector3d evaluate_catmull_rom (double t)
const Eigen::Vector3d & getKnotValue (int i) const
Eigen::Vector3d & getKnotValue (int i)
double getKnotPosition (int i) const
void setKnotValue (int i, const Eigen::Vector3d &val)
void setKnotPosition (int i, double pos)
double getMinPosition ()
double getMaxPosition ()
int getKnotCount () const
void addKnot (double t, Eigen::Vector3d val)
void removeKnot (int i)
void clear ()
void simplify_catmull_rom (double maxError, int nbSamples=100)
void copy (CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d > &other)
void copy (const CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d > &other)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d >
typedef Eigen::Vector3d Type
- Protected Member Functions inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d >
int getFirstLargerIndex (double t)
- Protected Attributes inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< Eigen::Vector3d >
std::vector< double > tValues
std::vector< Eigen::Vector3d > values
volatile int lastIndex

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrajectoryEigen3D() [1/2]

robot_utils::catmull_rom::TrajectoryEigen3D::TrajectoryEigen3D ( )

◆ TrajectoryEigen3D() [2/2]

robot_utils::catmull_rom::TrajectoryEigen3D::TrajectoryEigen3D ( const TrajectoryEigen3D )

◆ ~TrajectoryEigen3D()

virtual robot_utils::catmull_rom::TrajectoryEigen3D::~TrajectoryEigen3D ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ saveCatmullRomToFile()

void robot_utils::catmull_rom::TrajectoryEigen3D::saveCatmullRomToFile ( int  nPoints,
std::string  filename 

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