A library that generates velocity references to follow a path.
robot_utils::catmull_rom::Trajectory1D Class Reference

#include <CatmullRomSpline.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for robot_utils::catmull_rom::Trajectory1D:
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Public Member Functions

 Trajectory1D ()
virtual ~Trajectory1D ()
void saveCatmullRomToFile (int nPoints, std::string filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< double >
 CatmullRomSpline (void)
 CatmullRomSpline (CatmullRomSpline< double > &other)
 CatmullRomSpline (const CatmullRomSpline< double > &other)
CatmullRomSpline< double > & operator= (const CatmullRomSpline< double > &other)
virtual ~CatmullRomSpline (void)
double evaluate_linear (double t)
void evaluate_catmull_rom_traj (const int nPoints, std::vector< double > &tArray, std::vector< double > &valArray)
double evaluate (double t)
double evaluate_catmull_rom (double t)
const double & getKnotValue (int i) const
double & getKnotValue (int i)
double getKnotPosition (int i) const
void setKnotValue (int i, const double &val)
void setKnotPosition (int i, double pos)
double getMinPosition ()
double getMaxPosition ()
int getKnotCount () const
void addKnot (double t, double val)
void removeKnot (int i)
void clear ()
void simplify_catmull_rom (double maxError, int nbSamples=100)
void copy (CatmullRomSpline< double > &other)
void copy (const CatmullRomSpline< double > &other)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< double >
typedef double Type
- Protected Member Functions inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< double >
int getFirstLargerIndex (double t)
- Protected Attributes inherited from robot_utils::catmull_rom::CatmullRomSpline< double >
std::vector< double > tValues
std::vector< double > values
volatile int lastIndex

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Trajectory1D()

robot_utils::catmull_rom::Trajectory1D::Trajectory1D ( )

◆ ~Trajectory1D()

virtual robot_utils::catmull_rom::Trajectory1D::~Trajectory1D ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ saveCatmullRomToFile()

void robot_utils::catmull_rom::Trajectory1D::saveCatmullRomToFile ( int  nPoints,
std::string  filename 

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