A library that generates velocity references to follow a path.
robot_utils::Ellipsoid Class Reference

#include <Ellipsoid.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Ellipsoid (const Surface::Vector &dimensions)
 Ellipsoid (const double axisA, const double axisB, const double axisC)
virtual ~Ellipsoid ()
void setSemiPrincipalAxisA (double semiAxisA)
void setSemiPrincipalAxisB (double semiAxisB)
void setSemiPrincipalAxisC (double semiAxisC)
bool constrainVectorToVolume (Surface::Vector &vector)
bool isPointExternal (const Surface::Vector &vector)
- Public Member Functions inherited from robot_utils::Surface
 Surface ()
virtual ~Surface ()

Private Member Functions

double ellipsoidEquation (const Surface::Vector &vector)

Private Attributes

Eigen::Matrix3d ellipsCore_
Surface::Vector ellipseCenter_

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef kindr::VectorTypeless3D Vector

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

robot_utils::Ellipsoid::Ellipsoid ( const Surface::Vector dimensions)
robot_utils::Ellipsoid::Ellipsoid ( const double  axisA,
const double  axisB,
const double  axisC 
virtual robot_utils::Ellipsoid::~Ellipsoid ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool robot_utils::Ellipsoid::constrainVectorToVolume ( Surface::Vector vector)
double robot_utils::Ellipsoid::ellipsoidEquation ( const Surface::Vector vector)
bool robot_utils::Ellipsoid::isPointExternal ( const Surface::Vector vector)
void robot_utils::Ellipsoid::setSemiPrincipalAxisA ( double  semiAxisA)
void robot_utils::Ellipsoid::setSemiPrincipalAxisB ( double  semiAxisB)
void robot_utils::Ellipsoid::setSemiPrincipalAxisC ( double  semiAxisC)

Member Data Documentation

Eigen::Matrix3d robot_utils::Ellipsoid::ellipsCore_
Surface::Vector robot_utils::Ellipsoid::ellipseCenter_

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